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Czech Tippler Club

members at the 2023 spring AGM

standing - left to right: Petr Kubíček, Roman Čermák, Jakub Goppold, JIndřich Mikulecký, Antonín Novák, Ladislav Chládek, Pavel Fendrich, Tomáš Eder, (guest) Eliška Ederová
sitting - left to right: Jiří Pastyřík, František Sedlář, Frank Otta, and (guest) Zuzana Kyšeľová

členská 2023


2023 RINGS

members at the 2022 autumn AGM

standing - left to right: Jakub Goppold, Alena Ladová, (new member) Jindřich Mikulecký, Ladislav Chládek, Roman Čermák, Pavel Fendrich, (new member) Jiří Pastyřík, Tomáš Eder
sitting - left to right: Frank Otta, (and guests) Zuzana Kyšeľová, Eliška Ederová, Ema Ederová

2022 fall AGM

handing over the diplomas

Alena Ladová and Roman Čermák

Roman Čermák and Tomáš Eder

club members at 2022 AGM

standing - left to right: Pavel Fendrich, František Sedlář, Antonín Novák, Roman Čermák, Jakub Goppold, Alena Ladová, (guest) Jiří Pastyřík
sitting - left to right: Frank Otta, Tomáš Eder, (guest) Zuzana Kyšeľová

2022 AGM

club members at AGM - autumn 2021

top row - left to right: (new KCHT member) Ladislav Chládek, František Sedlář, Ladislav Svoboda, Jakub Goppold
middle row - left to right: Frank Otta, Míla Kvočka, (new KCHT member) Antonín Novák, Roman Čermák, Tomáš Eder, Ivan Boičev Čavdar, Václav Gaudl, Josef Veselý
front row - left to right: (new KCHT member) Pavel Fendrich, (guest) Eliška Ederová, (new KCHT member) Alena Ladová

2021 AGM

2022 KCHT ring design

2022 rings

sample of 2021 KCHT diploma

2021 diploma sample


Cups awarded at the KCHT AGM on Oct. 10, 2015
pohary 2015

one of the photos taken at the autumn 2015 AGM
(left to right) Láďa Svoboda, Jakub Goppold, Frank Otta, Josef Beran, Petr Kubíček and Jarda Pavliš
pohary 2015

The KCHT AGM was held in Hradec Králové on Saturday Oct. 18, 2014
The AGM's main purpose was to close the 2014 season and to elect new board to serve for the next 3 years (2015-2017).
podzimni schuze 01

Concerning results, 2014 was a very good year for KCHT.
In addition to 4 standard cups awarded annually, the club was also proud to present two extra cups. One went to Roman Čermák for his first "TEN" and the other one was presented to Frank Otta for his best time ever flown in CZ to the NTU rules. For simplicity, we can call it a new Czech record.

Míla Kvočka receives his diplomas from the hads of J.Beran, the KCHT secretary

and so does Petr Kubíček

Frank Otta's kit (1 cock and 2 hens) flew 18 hours and 06 minutes on Saturday June 21, 2014
and set a new Czech record at 18.06




the time sheet documenting the record fly


one of the Czech bred tipplers that went to England in 2013 - first ever in history
setkani v Nitre

visiting Sunderland, England (May 2012)
having a glass of beer with the some of the ITF fliers and organizers
left to right: Davey Warrener, Ian Elstob, Dave Black, Frank Otta, Josef Veselý, Mick Groody, Josef Beran
u piva

April 26 - 28, 2011
Three of the UK fliers visited the Czech Republic
(left to right) Davey Warrener, Ian Elstob, Dave Black, (and the Czechs) Frank Otta, Josef Vesely


together with friends at the Homing Pigeon Olympics in Nitra, Slovakia (Janury 25, 2013)
Josef Veselý (far right) and Frank Otta met the president of the Bulgarian tippler club Ahmed Mehmed in Nitra (second from left)
and a top Slovak breeder of short faced tumblers, high fliers and tipplers, Dr. Marian Vedrödy (second from right) setkani v Nitre

Frank Otta, the KCHT president (second from left), took this oportunity and sent with Ahmed two Czech bred tipplers to a friend in England. setkani v Nitre

The small cups in front were awarded to L. Svoboda and J. Goppold for their first "tens" flown per the NTU rules in 2012.
Our congratulations to the FLYBOYS !

visiting Manfred Biringer near Munich, Germany (14.9.2012)
left to right: Josef Veselý, Manfred Biringer, Frank Otta, Joseph Heiserer, Petr Žák (all ITF fliers)

visiting Antun Petrinovic near Stuttgart, Germany (15.9.2012)
left to right: Daniel Napholcz, Josef Veselý, Petr Žák, Frank Otta, Antun Petrinovič

Antun Petrinovic' Boden
Petrinovic Boden

visiting Karl Kocholl (September 15, 2012)
left to right: Daniel Napholcz, Josef Veselý, Frank Otta, Karl Kocholl, Petr Žák

Karl was so kind to sign for us, with best wishes, our club flag
vlajecka s podpisem Kocholla

A kit of Shannons that flew for Frank Otta his y/b personal best of 15.15 on July 21, 2012 is a bit in moult


A kit that flew for L. Svoboda his (o/b) personal best of 15.45 on May 15, 2012


The same kit on that day in flight


A photo taken by Paul Unsworth (on the right) in Ireland at the NTU Show weekend
George Lee, Harry Shannon, Paul Unsworth.


The 2012 breeding season started - we wish you all many healthy and good-flying youngsters


The CZECH TPPLER CLUB (Klub chovatelů tipplerů) was founded as a response to a handful of memebers of the old club in power who did not intend to play fair and by the rules.
Left to right: Pepík Voženílek, Vašek Gaudl, Frank Otta, Ivan Boičev Čavdar, Pepík Beran, Pepík Veselý, Míla Kvočka, Jarda Pavliš, Petr Žák.
The Club was founded on Sept. 11, 2011

founding members

Additionally, the Club was joined by: Jan Peroutka, Stanislav Vedral, Jakub Goppold a Ing. Ladislav Svoboda. A year later, Jan Peroutka was pressed to quit pigeons due to his poor health.

a photo taken at the meeting of tippler fliers with the Prague Short Faced Tumblers in Prague - Michle on February 18, 2012


October 2011 - Josef Veselý a Frank Otta represented the Czech Tippler Club at the DFU AGM.

DFU AGM meeting

October 2011 - Josef Veselý a Frank Otta in Bad Rothenfelde, the town where the DFU AGM was held - Anton Petrinovic in the middle.

with Petrinovic

August 2011 - the English fliers visited us: (left to right) Davey Warrener, Ian Elstob, Dave Black, (and the Czechs) Frank Otta, Josef Veselý

Englůish fliers in CZ

Photos from the pre-2011 history
the year when the thick red line was drawn between those who want to play by the rules and those who do not

the founding members who registered the Czech Tippler Club Civic Association with the Home Ministry in 2006.
left to right: Karel Czyz, Frank Otta, Jirka Oulehla, Jarda Pavlis, Pepa Zabransky a Mila Kvocka.
(Jirka Oulehla and Pepa Zabransky have quit tipplers. Frank Otta, Jarda Pavlis, and Míla Kvocka helped to found the new club)

founding members

Frank Otta and Vaclav Malaska
Frank and Václav Malaska

Frank Otta and Alex Joza who is one of the founding fathers of the sport here in CZ
Alex Jóža a já

summer 2006 - Frank Otta, Pavel Kotulek a Tomas Kuncar
Tomáš Kunčar a Pavel Kotůlek

the kit that flew for David Strossmayer the Israeli record of 17 hours on April 23, 2006
the Israeli record kit

fall 2006 - Vojta Prepiak at home in Jablonec
Vojta Prepiak

Frank visiting the Goppolds in Mestecko Trnavka (9.12.2006)
Frank a Goppolds

Jakub Goppold's kit in the sky
Jakub's tipplers

Pavel Motyka and his new loft
Pavel Motyka
Pavel Motyka
Pavel Motyka
Pavel Motyka

first youngster in Jakub Goppold's loft
Jakub's youngster

summer 2007 - Pavel Fendrich (former Czech champion) visiting Lada Chladek - the novice (left)
Láďa Chládek a Pavel Fendrich

summer 2007 - left to right: Frantisek Rotta (novice in tipplers), Frank Otta (President of KCHT) and Vaclav Gaudl (Central Timer of KCHT)
Rotta, Otta and Gaudl

summer 2007 - visiting Slovakia - left to right: Karel Czyz (Secretary of KCHT), Jaroslav Trombík, Pavel Motyka (Trasurer of KCHT) a Josef Hrabal (Secretary of the Slovak KCHL)
visiting Slovakia

spring 2008 - KCHT members and their guests
Left to right: Stanislav Vedral (new KCHT member) Vaclav Gaudl (KCHT Central Timer) Jozef Hrabal (guest - Acting Secretary of the Slovak KCHL) Josef Vesely (KCHT member) Dario Klacar (current Austrian y/b champ) Slavko Rusek (Austrian flier) Dragan Klacar (Austrian ex-champ - twice) Miloslav Kvocka (KCHT member) Frank Otta (KCHT President - current CZ champ) Josef Zabransky (KCHT Acting Secretary) Zlatko Klacar (Austrian ex-champ) Pavel Motyka (KCHT Treasurer) Ivan Boicev (new KCHT member) Vaclav Malaska (KCHT member) Karel Czyz (KCHT Secretary) Jaroslav Pavlis (KCHT member) Frantisek Rotta (KCHT member)  -  click HERE to see the picture larger
schůze KCHT - jaro 2008

summer 2008 - visiting Bernhold Kolthoff in Germany - left to right: Bernhold Kolthoff, Frank Otta, and Josef Vesely - Bernhold equipped us free of charge with quite a few beautiful red Sheffields, new Werfs, and BR's
na návštěvě v Německu

summer 2008 - visiting Herman van der Broek in Holland - left to right: Josef Vesely, Herman van der Broek, and Frank Otta
na návštěvě v Holandsku

summer 2008 - visiting the "Silver Team" in Kosovo - standing left to right: Sefer, Kurtish (Sweden), Pavel Motyka, Besnik, Ajhan, Kujtim
sitting left to right: Muharem, Adnan, Mustafa, Dino
visiting Kosovo

summer 2008 - visiting the Klacars in Austria - left to right: Jakub Goppold, Vaclav Gaudl, Frantisek Rotta, Zlatko Klacar, Sabidin Tafallari, Frank Otta, Dragan Klacar, Dario Klacar, Walter Kölbl
visiting Austria

September 2008 - visiting Semso Fekica in Berlin - left to right: junior KCHT Members Petr Melichar, Franta Rotta a Ivan Boicev set out on the road to Berlin to get some tipplers (and brought home some Shannons and new Werfs)
na návštěvě v Berlíně

September 2008 - Berlin - left to right: Semso Ehnert Fekica, Ivan Boicev a Franta Rotta
na návštěvě v Berlíně

November 2008 - Praha, Letnany - some of the KCHT board members met the president of the Czech Rakovnik Rollers Club, Pavel Barna.
left to right: Pavel Motyka, Frank Otta, Pavel Barna a Karel Czyz
meeting in Letnany

fall 2008 - Sasu Giony, the founder and now the Secretary of the CNT, and Frank Otta in Satu Mare
Sasu Giony, Otta


fall 2008 - visiting Daniel Napholcz in Romania
left to right: Ivan Boicev, Fanda Rotta, Daniel Napholcz holding his baby, and Frank Otta holding Kocholl's y/b world champ
sitting: Petr Melichar
Satu Mare 2008


fall 2008 - with Romanian fliers
Zoltan Gyori, Fanda Rotta, Czizma Bela, Daniel Napholcz, and Frank Otta - sitting: Ivan Boicev Romanian Flyers


fall 2008 - Fanda Rotta a Nyiri Attila in Satu Mare
Romanian Flyers