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NIGHT FLYING FROM BALCONY IN ROMANIA   these tipplers fly from a 10th floor balcony (two of these young birds are crosses from Mustafa's Bodens) - video by Daniel Napholcz

HARRY SHANNON   is dropping his kit at night. His dog is running around, a busy motorway just behind the fence. Well, who else can do THAT? - video by Ahmed Ahmad

BERNHOLD KOLTHOFF   flies from his portable box (the other man in the video is Piet van der Werf) - video by Piet v.d. Werf, Bernhold Kolthoff, and Herman v.d. Broek

BODENS   this kit of 3 flew for Eric Anslow 20+ twice (20:02 a 20:20) in one season. This video shows them at the 1989 NTU Show - video by the NTU

MICK CAMPLIN interviews ERIC ANSLOW   video by NTU

tippler hens

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